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Communicative Competence

Preference Inventories

When planning interventions and selecting or creating AAC tools for young children, it is helpful to be familiar with the items and topics that are most interesting to the student. Selecting familiar, meaningful activities and vocabulary helps to recruit the student’s attention and motivation to participate in activities and try out AAC tools and strategies. There are many ways to gather information about a student’s preferences. Below are examples of some preference inventories that can be filled out by parents or caregivers who are familiar with the child’s likes and dislikes.

References and Links

Likes & Dislikes [Word, 19KB]

All About Me Inventory [PDF, 98KB]

Recent Experience Log [PDF, 70KB]

Favorite Likes and Dislikes List [PDF, 31KB]

Favorite Likes and Dislikes Example [PDF, 61KB]